Letter: Making a scene with Raymond Cusick at Wimbledon theatre

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Raymond Cusick worked first as a scenic artist and then as a scenic designer for the Peter Haddon Company while they performed weekly repertory at Wimbledon theatre, south-west London, from 1955 to 1963 – more than 330 productions.

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Lucky enough to be helping out with the scene painting as a callow art student during my summer holidays in 1958 and 1959, I was shown how to use a broad brush, how to paint trompe l'oeil skirtings, architraves and door panels, and how to handle 20ft-tall canvas flats which were painted backstage while the cast for next week's play rehearsed the script.

The current play's set was struck after second house on Saturday night and the stage was cleared. On Monday morning, the new play's set was built ready for the afternoon's dress rehearsal, after which came the evening performance – the first of the week's eight performances. On Tuesday morning, preparations began for the next week's play with cast read-through, set design and preparation.

Such was the relentless rhythm of weekly repertory. It was made possible only by a professional and co-ordinated team. Raymond was relaxed and unflappable throughout, with a gently ironic humour. He was a generous mentor. Happy days.

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