Louise Dresser

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Actress - Born Louise Kerlin on Oct. 5, 1878 in Evansville , IN - Died April 24, 1965 in Motion Picture and Television Country House, CA

Louise Dresser

Louise Dresser

Louise Dresser was one of the great stars of vaudeville and silent films.

On the marquees of turn-of-the-century theaters, Dresser's name was alongside those of the theatrical giants of the era—Lillian Russell, the Shuberts, Anna Held, Blanche Ring, Charles Frohman and Weber and Fields.

Once on a tour of the old Keith Circuit, Dresser had as an accompanist a young pianist-composer named George Gershwin.

When she moved from the stage to the film studio, the attractive blond performed with Valentino, Pauline Frederick, Marlene Dietrich, Claudette Colbert and Madge Bellamy.

Her greatest film, according to many critics, was the original "State Fair" in which she played opposite Will Rogers.

— Harry Trimborn in the Los Angeles Times April 25, 1965

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