Nazi General Arrested in Germany; Ordered Annihilation of Jews

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Jewish Telegraphic Agencypublished 19/12/1958 at 21:16

Bonn, Dec. 18 (JTA) – Former SS General Erich von dem Bach Zelewski was arrested three days ago, it was announced here today. He is said to have been responsible for many crimes against humanity. In 1941-42 he was SS chief of a unit attached to the German Army which conducted the mass annihilation of Jews.

Bach-Zelewsli ErichWitnesses at the trial here of two former SS guards at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp testified today that any murder of inmates at the camp was rewarded with extra portions of such German delicacies as fried potatoes. The two defendants, Wilhelm Schubert and Gustav Sorge, to whose brutality numerous witnesses have testified in the trial thus far, took refuge in the position that they were "following orders."

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