Nazi Leaders Flout Schacht on Business

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Nazi Leaders Flout Schacht on Business


Berlin, Apr. 30 (JTA) – The principle of Jewish equality in economic life, was repeatedly proclaimed by Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Minister of Economics, is now being gradually broken down as a result of a secret order sent out to this effect to Nazi district leaders.

"Nothing is so essential to us as the elimination of Jews from business and from our entire economic life," Dr. Eschtruth, leader of the Nazi League of German Lawyers, declared today addressing a meeting in Berlin.

Evidence that the Nazis are beginning to mobilize their forces against Jews in commerce is seen also from other speeches delivered by Nazi officials in the provinces.


The Westdeutscher Beobachter, the chief Nazi organ in Western Germany, announces today that an East European Jew was sentenced to six months' imprisonment in Cologne for violating the schechita law proclaimed by the Nazis, prohibiting the slaughtering of poultry and animals according to the Jewish ritual.

Julius Streicher, addressing officers of the German Air Force, declared that during the war he was a friend of the Jews but later turned against them when he learned "that they are not what they claim to be."

"The Jews were responsible for the war," Herr Streicher stated in his address. He also charged that twenty-six new shops have been opened in Berlin by Jewish refugees who returned to Germany after they had obtained citizenship in other countries.

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