Nazis in Denmark Forced to Abandon Their Plans for Yellow Badges and Ghettos

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Zurich, Jan. 25 (JTA) – Confronted with opposition by King Christian of Denmark to anti-Jewish measures in his country, the Nazis are modifying their anti-Jewish policy and have abandoned their plans to introduce yellow badges for Danish Jews and to segregate the Jewish population in ghettos.

Christian X du Danemark

Christian X du Danemark

The Faederlandet, organ of the Danish Nazis, which reached here today, carries an article stating that "it would probably do more harm than good to introduce the compulsory wearing of a yellow Mogen Dovid." Similarly the paper, which is notoriously anti-Jewish, says that it would be of no practical use to introduce ghettos for Jews "since Denmark is not large enough to have a ghetto for all the 5,000 Jews in the country."

The article at the same time attacks the Jews in the usual Nazi fashion, but emphasizes that in spite of all their "crimes" it would not be wise to deal too harshly with the Danish Jews "since they then might become martyrs." Until recently this paper was assuring its readers that the Nuremberg laws must and would be applied to the Jews in Denmark. It appears, however, that the world-wide protest against the mass-arrests of the Jews in Norway coupled with King Christian's recent statement that he and the whole royal house would don a yellow badge if the Jews were forced to wear it, have forced the Nazis to withdraw, at least temporarily, their anti-Jewish proposals.

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