Nazis in Holland Taking over Jewish Property Valued at $270,000,000

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London, May. 13 (JTA) – The German authorities in the Netherlands are taking over Jewish interests of a total value of 500,000,000 guilders - $270,000,000 - it was reported here today by the Dutch news agency, Aneta.

Nazis in Holland Taking over Jewish Property Valued at $270,000,000

The occupation authorities have registered 21,000 Jewish-owned business enterprises, valued at a total of 150,000,000 guilders, of which 10,000 will be liquidated and the rest taken out of Jewish hands, according to an announcement in the German-controlled Dutch press. In addition, Jewish possessions, lands and other property to a value of 200,000,000 guilders have been transferred to non-Jews, it was stated, and another 150,000,000 guilders in Jewish-owned securities and capital are "still to be dealt with."

The announcement did not indicate any form of compensation to Jews for the expropriated enterprises. Of the 11,000 firms being taken out of Jewish hands, the announcement said that 8,000 had "voluntarily ousted all Jewish influence" and the remaining 3,000 would be "Aryanized." Indicating that these firms were being taken over by Germans for the most part, the Dutch Nazi weekly De Waag complained that Dutch financial institutions were keeping aloof from such transactions.

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