Nazis See Roosevelt judaizing Government

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Berlin, Jan. 6 (JTA) – The Nazi press considers the Frankfurter appointment evidence of President Roosevelt's determination to "Judaize" the Government.

Nazis See Roosevelt judaizing Government

"In his current publicized speeches as well as his calling a Jew to a position of the highest trust in the American courts," the B.Z. am Mittag declares, "Roosevelt gives evidence of the fact that the United States of America of Roosevelt is becoming a breeding place for Jews both in domestic and foreign politics."

Propaganda Minister Goebbels' mouthpiece Der Angriff refers to the Frankfurter students who have found positions in the New Deal, declaring: "These tactics are among many by which American Jewry has secured itself a predominant influence in the political and economic leadership of the United States."

Der Angriff and other papers seize on Bernard Baruch's reported warning to Roosevelt not to appoint Frankfurter as welcome evidence of growing anti-Semitism in America. The Abendausgabe points out that either Roosevelt was badly advised or was resolved to write out his own ticket by attaching to himself as many New Dealers as possible for the last two year of his term.

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