New Nazi Edict Hits Jewish Wholesalers

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Berlin, Oct. 25 (JTA) – Jewish wholesale firms which for one reason or another have been comparatively immune from the effects of the boycott were today the target of a new ruling by the tax department.

New Nazi Edict Hits Jewish Wholesalers

In order to prevent the purchase by retailers of products sold by Jewish wholesalers, the tax department decreed that every retailer must introduce "stock books" into his bookkeeping system. The so-called stock books must list the retailers' entire stock together with the names of wholesalers from whom it was purchased.

Regular inspection by officials of the tax department will be made of these stock books, it was announced.

Jewish wholesalers hitherto have not suffered unduly from the boycott since a close watch of their patrons has been impossible. The now law exposes the wholesale firms to the same disabilities from which Jewish retailers have long been suffering.

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