Non-aryan Writers Snubbed by Nazis

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The second edition of Knauer's German Popular Eneyclopedia shows all the earmarks of Aryan "supremacy" in that it leaves out, according to the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, such prominent names as Heinrich Mann, Arnold Zweig, Erich Maria Remarque, Emil Ludwig, Alfred Docblin, Lion Feuchtwanger, Max Brod, Franz Kafka, Leonard Frank, Ernst Toller, Sternheim, and others of equal eminence.

Non-aryan Writers Snubbed by Nazis

On the other hand, such writers as Arnold Bronner, P. M. Lampel, Hans Heinz Ewers and Ernst von Salomon are included under the caption "Political Verse". Under "Beginnings of New Literature Rooted in the Philosophy of National Socialism" are enumerated such obscure writers as Dietrich Eckart, Hans Johst, Baldur von Schirah and others.

In the case of Ewers it is interesting to note that in this edition he is no longer mentioned as the author of "Alraune", "Vampyr" and "Das Grauen", which won him fame in his "sinful past". He is but the author of "Horst Wessel" and "Reiter in deutschen Nacht".

Concerning the late. Walter Rathenau, first minister of Foreign Affairs in the German Republic, it is mentioned that he succeeded his father in business, but it is pointed out quite prominently that his assassins were E. Kern and H. Fischer, possibly to prepare readers to find the two names recorded in a subsequent edition under the heading of "Heroes".

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