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Costly Propaganda - Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, President of the Deutsche Reichsbank and economic dictator, is reported to have ordered the elimination of the Nazi propaganda abroad. According to Berlin representatives of the London press, Dr. Schacht informed Dr. Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, that no more funds would be available for propaganda purposes in other lands. The amount spent by the Nazi propaganda department is believed to be in the neighborhood of 200,000,000 marks a year.

Now- Editorial Notes

Dr. Schacht, as financial and economic dictator, realizes better than anyone else among the Nazi leaders the waste in money and loss in prestige resulting from the arrogant and stupid agitation conducted by Nazi agents in foreign lands. While Dr. Schacht himself has recently said and done things that have caused other nations to distrust Germany's integrity under the present regime more than ever before, he understands that the Goebbels form of propaganda of hate makes it all the more difficult for him to negotiate his trade and loan agreements with other nations.

According to the National Zeitung of Basle, Switzerland, Dr. Schacht made a private statement to a diplomatic representative of one of the great powers that the economic catastrophe would start in Germany during the month of October. Dr. Schacht is said to have made that statement about two months ago. The Swiss newspaper remarks that since then nothing has changed in Germany either with regard to internal or foreign affairs. Her unparalleled isolation in foreign affairs remain unchanged."

Nazi Germany is continuing to defy international goodwill and ordinary decency. While Dr. Schacht is trying to curb the Goebbel's propaganda abroad, Hitler is honoring Julius Streicher at the Nuremberg party demonstrations. Julius Streicher is the notorious publisher of the Stuermer, the most vicious and filthy anti-Semitic organ in the world. The Stuermer is occasionally suppressed for a few days for publishing incendiary articles, inciting to pogroms, disseminating the ritual murder myth, but the publisher rides with Adolf Hitler through the streets of Nuremberg at the head of the Nazi procession. Hitler's demonstration of friendship for the arch enemy of the Jews is an indication that he has no intentions of modifying his Jew-baiting policy.

That is perhaps Hitler's answer to the heroic and noble stand taken by the courageous Archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Faulhaber, who denounced anti-Semitism and the Nazis on the day of the Hitler "plebiscite" in the following terms : 

"When I stood out a few months ago against the inhuman race hatred which has seized hold of a part of our German brothers, they wanted to stone me. My life was in peril. But I was not afraid, for what I do is out of absolute conviction. The Jews are being persecuted everywhere in the world. But the methods of persecution in our homeland are a shame and a disgrace to us. History teaches us that God always punishes those who persecute His Chosen People, the Jews. No Catholic agreed to the persecution of the Jews in Germany.

"When God sent June 30th (the Hitler blood purge) as a Court of Judgment for a part of those who persecuted the Jews, the punishment was well-deserved. My Catholic brothers, do you not see that this was God's punishment? Hatred and persecution will never exterminate the Jews. The oldest people of the world has suffered much; it suffers and will always suffer, because it has remained true to its great faith. We should take an example from the Jews. We should honor and respect them, for they have given the world its most precious possession, the Bible. Make it clear to your brothers that race-hatred is a poisonous canker in our life. Exterminate this dreadful, inhuman prejudice against the eternal suffering people."

This great spiritual leader in Germany uttered the most powerful "No!" to Hitler on election day. It will be long remembered by a grateful people, by the Jews, and also by the German people after Hitler is gone.

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