Nuremberg Trial Resumed; Court Hears Account of Slaying of 5,000 Jews in Dubno

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Nuremberg, Jan. 2 (JTA) – The trial of the top Nazi war criminals was resumed today with Lt. Whitney Harris, U.S. associate prosecutor, producing evidence of Nazi massacres of Jews by order of Ernst Kaltenbrunner, former chief of the Security Police, who is one of the defendants.

Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Associate prosecutor Col. Robert G. Storey read an affidavit of a German engineer, Herman Friedrich Graebbe, giving an eye-witness account of how 5,000 Jews were murdered in the city of Dubno, in Wolhynia. It described how they were forced by Gestapo units to dig their own graves, and how some of the victims were buried while still alive, after being machine-gunned before a huge ditch which was used as a mass grave.

Vividly describing the mass-execution in all its details, the German eye-witness said in his affidavit that the Gestapo officer who directed the shootings sat at the edge of the pit smoking a cigarette and coolly issuing orders. Later he walked back and forth over a row of Jews who were lying on the ground.

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