Official British Denunciation of Hitler Policy Toward Jews Urged by H. J. Laski

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London, Aug. 22 (JTA) – Harold J. Laski, noted political scientist, urged today that the British government publicly denounce the German policy towards the Jews, in an article published in the Manchester Guardian, world-famous liberal newspaper, which editorially supported Mr. Laski's proposal and suggested at the same time that an international effort be made to raise a fund to furnish relief and frame plans for the settlement of refugees. The Guardian pointed out that the funds now available are rapidly diminishing and that a fresh flood of refugees from Germany may be expected this winter.

Professor Harold Laski

Professor Harold Laski

At the same time the Manchester Guardian came out in support of Mr. Laski's suggestion that Great Britain, acting in the spirit of the Covenant of the League of Nations, make plain at the forthcoming session of the League Assembly to the German rulers that their actions are a "wanton defiance of the decent opinion of mankind."

Mr. Laski further proposed that the British Government contribute fifty thousand pounds to the Academic Council established in order to assist the scholars expelled from Germany, thus demonstrating that the attack upon freedom of thought does not leave the British Government unmoved.

Another editorial in The Guardian discusses the growth of anti-Semitism in Roumania as disclosed in the full-length article from its Roumanian correspondent. According to the correspondent, the Roumanian Jews are faced with a serious situation due to the Nazi agitation in Roumania which has resulted in the rapid expansion of the anti-Semitic movement. The outlook is serious for the Roumanian Jews despite the fact that they have been long accustomed to anti-Semitic injustices.

The article charges that the present premier, Vaida-Voivod, is benevolently disposed towards the anti-Semites and predicts that if new parliamentary elections are held now in Roumania, the anti-Semites would be returned in large number to Parliament to advocate a policy of anti-Semitism, similar to that adopted in Germany.

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