RAF Grangemouth: a vital role in the Battle of Britain

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The Telegraphpublished 09/05/2013 at 0538 PM BST

RAF Grangemouth played an important role in training airmen, Poles in particular, who played a vital part in the Battle of Britain.

Dinger Bell a Flight Seargant at RAF Grangemouth
Opened by Air Marshal Viscount Trenchard in 1939, it was originally a civilian airfield, the Central Scotland Airport, and consisted of two grass runways.

It was run by a private company but included a military training unit which used Tiger Moths and Avro Anson.

By late 1939 it was used solely as a military airfield and was also home to a Spitfire fighter squadron.

Another squadron flying Blenheim bombers and Gladiators -- long range coastal patrol aircraft -- also transferred to the base.

The base became the main training station for Poles among other airmen.

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