Reich Bars Support to Altreu Transfer Agency

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Berlin, Jan. 24 (JTA) – The Nazi authorities have decided to with-hold further support from the Altreu transfer scheme under which 2,500 Jews have been enabled to emigrate since Sept., 1937, it was learned today. As a result the Altreu organization, with its initial fund of foreign exchange practically exhausted, may dissolve during the next few weeks.

Reich Bars Support to Altreu Transfer Agency

The decision is doubly disappointing inasmuch as for the past three months the promise had been held out that a second grant of 3,000,000 gold marks would be forthcoming. Some circles believe the refusal may be connected with the Rublee negotiations on emigration, since a transfer scheme of wider scope and more profitable to the Reich is under discussion.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Helmuth Wohlthat, of the Economics Ministry, who is replacing Dr. Hjalmar Schacht in the Rublee negotiations, was the go-between in the Altreu dealings. (The Altreu financed emigration of poor Jews under an arrangement whereby the Government granted 1,500,000 marks in foreign exchange for 3,000,000 marks collected, part of which was obtained in the form of a tax on emigrating well-to-do Jews).

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