Reich Releases Schacht Talk at Leipzig Fair

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Affords concrete view of his attitude on Jewish question

Reich Releases Schacht Talk at Leipzig Fair

Berlin (JTA) – You will do yourself a favor by patronizing merchants who advertise in the Jewish Daily Bulletin. The speech which Dr. Hjalmar Schacht delivered at the Leipzig Fair, justifying the Nazi policy against the Jews as far as eliminating them from public life but emphasizing that they will remain undisturbed in commerce has been made public here in the German press. The speech gives a concrete picture of Dr. Schacht's ideas with regard to the Jews.

"We want to be under no illusion," Dr. Schacht said, "that Germany is today confronted by economic tasks which seem to the ordinary national economist nigh insoluble, especially since a considerable part of the foreign world is hostile to our spiritual endeavors.


"The National Socialist Revolution signifies a spiritual transformation, whose origin is ultimately the policy of oppression and defamation which the world conducted against us for twenty years. Revolutions are not doctorate dissertations, and in the National Socialist Revolution, exactly as in all other revolutions, a great deal accompanied it that is more accidental than deserved. Over-zealous individuals may here and there do damage from which not only those who are affected, but also the rulers have to suffer.

"If National Socialism rightly eliminates the spreading of race-alien elements in state and culture, that does not mean to destroy every Jew without distinction, and if Freemason secrecy of action is rightly abolished, it does not mean that every Freemason is a traitor. But blunders of this kind are a passing by-product that no revolution has ever escaped.


The people who in the great French Revolution put reason on the altar of divinity are mentioned in history only in passing, because they were exotic. But what revolutions have produced in great spiritual deeds remains, and the great spiritual value of the National Socialist Revolution will hold its unchanging victorious course through history.

"There is one more thing that the world must understand. Every revolution creates its own symbols. All the criticism directed by the foreign press at the forms and unity of the will to live that National Socialism has produced is beside the existence of lasting differences between the individual leading personages of the movement, or of the Reich government are also beside the point.

"My so-called foreign friends render no service to me, nor to the cause, which indeed they do not desire, but neither do they render any service to themselves if they try to put me in conflict with the allegedly impossible National Socialist economic theories, and to present me as in a way the guardian of economic reason. I can assure them that everything I say and do has the absolute approval of the leader, and that I would do and say nothing that has not his approval. Therefore it is not I who is the guardian of economic reason, but the leader.

The rabbinical prohibition against bigamy dates from the early eleventh century, but found unquestioned acceptance only in France and Austria.

You will do yourself a favor by patronizing merchants who advertise in the Jewish Daily Bulletin.

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