Rublee Gets New Schacht Plan Calling for 45,000,000-mark Rise in Exports

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Berlin, Jan. 19 (JTA) – A new proposal for solution of the Jewish emigration problem, involving creation of additional Reich exports amounting to 45,000,000 marks yearly, was reported to have been laid today before George Rublee, director of the Intergovernmental Refugee Bureau, by Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, president of the Reichsbank.

George Rublee

George Rublee

Germany is assertedly demanding that half of this sum be brought into the Reich annually and that the other half remain outside to finance the program of transferring Jewish property. Details of the new plan, which differs radically from the one sketched by Dr. Schacht in his recent London visit, were given orally to the Intergovernmental Bureau mission at today's meeting at the Reichsbank with Mr. Rublee and his assistants, Robert T. Pell and Joseph Cotton, and in the afternoon the proposals were reduced to written form.

The resultant memorandum is subject to further conference tomorrow during which its points will be scrutinized carefully by both sides. Provided no last-minute hitch occurs, the Rublee delegation will depart with the documents on Saturday evening to attend the meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee officers in Paris next Monday and then proceed to London for the plenary meeting of the committee opening next Thursday.

While the delegation did not disclose details of the plan, usually well informed observers believed that the 45,000,000 mark annual supplementary export proposal constituted its most important financial feature.

So far there is no indication whether or not the proposal for a huge international loan-- an integral part of the original Schacht plan -- has been salvaged to form a part of the new scheme. Spokesmen for the Rublee delegation made it plain, however, that the new scheme is "considerably different" from the original Schacht plan.

It is significant that the Danziger Vorposten, Free City Nazi organ which is close to the German Government, in the first comment on the negotiations appearing in the Nazi press, in some measure today substantiated the reported export figure in the new plan. The paper suggested that Germany was aiming to obtain supplementary exports totalling 40,000,000 marks yearly to finance transfer of Jewish property over the stipulated period and said that Jewish organizations abroad were reported to be ready to absorb this amount.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed but persistent reports are current that the Reich will soon issue a decree permitting German firms once more to employ Jewish representatives abroad. If the report is true, it is obviously aimed at breaking down the anti-German boycott in America, England and elsewhere. It is pointed out here that at least a partial breakdown of the boycott would be essential for the success of any Jewish emigration scheme envisaging additional German exports.

It is plain that the Nazis enjoy the opportunity to put the Jews in a position in which the only way they can save themselves is to help the Reich in the struggle to increase her international trade.

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