Rublee-schacht Talk Ends in Apparent Failure; No Date Fixed for New Parley

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Berlin, Jan. 11 (JTA) – The discussions between Director George Rublee of the Intergovernmental Refugee Bureau and Reichsbank President Hjalmar Schacht, on the latter's proposal for tying emigration of German Jews to increased Reich exports, opened at the Reichsbank this morning. A 90-minute session was understood to have ended with Dr. Schacht saying in effect: "I have got to talk this over with my colleagues." No definite date was fixed for a second meeting, which is interpreted to indicate that the Rublee mission has already failed.

George Rublee

George Rublee

Despite the pessimistic atmosphere in which the mission is working, informed quarters express the belief that it is premature to predict its complete failure. Dr. Schacht is trying to arrange a meeting between Mr. Rublee and Field Marshal Herman Goering who, as economic dictator and Chancellor Adolf Hitler's most influential aide, holds the key to the situation. In any case, a second meeting with Dr. Schacht is believed assured.

Robert Pell, Mr. Rublee's assistant, and Karl Blessing, a Reichsbank director, also were present at this morning's meeting. Tonight, the mission conferred with officials of the American Embassy.

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