Rudolf Hoess Will Be Hanged on Gallows He Erected

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Warsaw, Apr. 6 (JTA) – Rudolf Hoess Will Be Hanged on Gallows He Erected at Oswiecim Death Camp. Rudolf Hoess, former commandant of the Oswiecim death camp, who was last week sentenced to death by a Polish military court, will be hanged shortly after the Passc?er holiday on Oswiecim's one remaining gallows, which was erected by Hosse and base been kept as a relic in the camp miseum.

Rudolf Hoess

Rudolf Hoess

Ernst Grabner, Hoess' adjutant, who headed the camp's political department, and Wladislaw Dering, camp doctor who selected the victims for the gas chambers, will soon be tried with 300 other menbers of the Oswiecim staff. Arrangements are being completed to bring Grabner from Vienna and Dering from Prague.

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