Schacht Reaffirms Plan for Payment of Reparations to Jews

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publJewish Telegraphic Agencyished 05/09/1951 at 16:36

Sydney, Sep. 4 (JTA) – Hjalmar Schacht, former Nazi financial expert, who has been hired as an economic expert by the Indonesian Government, today reaffirmed support for his plan for German payment of reparations to the Jews.

Hjalmar SchachtInterviewed here by newsmen, Schacht said that his plan is being developed by his assistant, Dusko Popov, in Germany while Schacht is in the Pacific area. The former president of the Reichsbank has suggested that Germany issue reparations bonds negotiable in dollars which would be backed by mortgages on German shipping. The payment of reparations to the Jews he described as an "inescapable moral necessity."

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