Schacht to Demand 2-year Truce in War on Jews, Catholics

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Berlin, September 11 (JTA) – A two year's armistice in the Nazi war against Jews and Catholics will be demanded at the Nazi Party Congress now in session in Nuremberg by Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Reich Minister of National Economy, the latter told a press conference today before his departure for Nuremberg where he will address the congress for the first time.

Schacht to Demand 2-year Truce in War on Jews, Catholics

Schacht bitterly assailed the Voelkischer Beobachter, official organ of the Nazi party, and other Nazi papers for fomenting war against Jews and Catholics. Such propaganda is absolutely harmful to the economic interests of the country, he said, and may lead Germany to the same fate as in the World War when the economic blockade brought the country to its knees.

"It is in the interests of our State that the fight against Jews and Catholics be stopped for at least two years," the Reich Economic Minister declared. "Germany cannot afford the luxury of making enemies of the entire world."

Despite the fact that these opinions are not shared by the all-powerful Goebbels, Reich Propaganda Minister, Richard Walter Darre, Minister of Food and Agriculture, and certainly not by Julius Streicher, Nazidom's Number One anti-Semite, Schacht is determined to pronounce these views at the Nazi Party Congress. He will also insist on the adoption of this attitude by the Nazi regime, he indicated.

This is definitely expected to lead to an open fight, as Streicher and other extremists are equally determined to make the Congress platform a sounding-board for the proclamation of new laws legally degrading Jews.

Schacht, however, will warn the congress that by continuing the anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic campaign, Germany will lose every chance to obtain the necessary loans abroad. It will become especially impossible to obtain a loan in London, he believes, if the war against Jews continues.

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