Schacht Wins Control over Jewish Ad Agencies

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Berlin, Jan. 20 (JTA) – Minister of Economics Hjalmar Schacht today scored a victory over the more radical Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels when advertising agencies, formerly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Propaganda press department, were brought under the control of the Economics Ministry as a commercial enterprise.

Schacht Wins Control over Jewish Ad Agencies

The decision automatically cancelled the Propaganda Ministry's orders to Jews owning agencies to liquidate or sell out to "Aryans" in the same manner as Jewish booksellers, who are still under Goebbels' control.

The reported split between Nazi extremists and conservatives on the question of how far anti-Jewish measures in commerce should go was denied by Dr. Schacht, addressing the chamber of commerce and industry at Stettin.

"There is only one economic policy in Germany today," declared Dr. Schacht, "which every German must obey." He said that some persons "are creating the impression abroad that there are opposing views existing between the Fuehrer and his collaborators."

It was announced today that a special Nazi commissar will be placed in every Jewish-owned store on the ground that a Jewish manager cannot be trusted with the duty of training German youth for salesmanship, "which requires a responsible 'Aryan'. "

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