Vichy Authorities, Acting on Nazi Complaints

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Zurich, Mar. 19 (JTA) – Vichy Authorities, Acting on Nazi Complaints, Will Tighten Anti-jewish Laws. The Vichy authorities, following German complaints, have decided to take measures for stricter enforcement of anti-Jewish regulations, which in the view of the Nazis and their French collaborators are interpreted too leniently in many districts, the Lyons radio announced today.

Vichy Authorities, Acting on Nazi Complaints

Xavier Vallat, Commissar for Jewish Affairs, is at present touring France to tighten control of local administration of the various anti-Jewish and racial laws. Special instructions will be issued to local authorities and Vallat will personally explain how the Commissariat for Jewish Affairs expects these local administrators to enforce the anti-Semitic regulations, which now total 67 decrease containing 379 articles.

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