Vichy Intensifies Ousting of Jewish Officials

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Vichy, Apr. 7 (JTA) – Vichy Intensifies Ousting of Jewish Officials ; 217 Refugee Children Freed. The Official Journal publishes almost daily lists of Jews ousted from French national life. Thus, today 25 judges and 85 Treasury Department officials were dismissed under the anti-Jewish statute while 158 Jewish enterprises were expropriated.

Vichy Intensifies Ousting of Jewish Officials

A new list of 163 denaturalized persons was published today, including 34 Jewish families were a total of 75 members. The rest are for the most part Italians.

The well-known Zionist leader, Leonce Bernheim, has lost his alderman's office in Chatillon, while James Rothschild has been removed as Alderman in Compienge (scene of the signing of the Armistice), of which he was mayor until recently.

A special manager has been appointed for the world-famous bank, Rothschild Freres, with a view to its liquidation. An "Aryanization" commissary has been appointed for the Jewish night shelter in Bayonne.

Meanwhile, 217 children have been released from refugee internment camps in unoccupied France after intervention by the Joint Distribution Committee. They will be cared for by the OSE organization. It is expected that nearly 100 refugee children will emigrate to the United States at the end of April under an agreement arranged by the Quakers.

Xavier Vallat, Commissioner General for Jewish Affairs, intends to go to French North Africa to "study" the Jewish question, it was learned.

Vallat's press conference statement yesterday serves as the springboard for an anti-Jewish campaign in the German-controlled Paris press today.

Le Petit Parisien demands that exceptions from the anti-Jewish statute for scientific and other merits be limited since "it is essential to avoid Jewish cultural influence in literature, science and journalism." The Pro-Nazi La France au Travail, considers Vallat not sufficiently "radical" and criticizes his statement on "assimilable" Jewish families, demanding that all Jews be proclaimed as foreigners.

(A Paris radio broadcast, heard in London, said the Ministry of Industrial Production in Vichy had appointed temporary administrators for 66 Jewish firms.)

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