Von Hindenburg Near Death

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London, Jul. 31 (JTA) – London sess Jews in worse plight, if von Hindenburg dies. 

Von Hindenburg Near Death

With the death of the aged German Reichs-president, Paul von Hindenburg, expected hourly and with the return to uniform tomorrow of the storm troops from their month of enforced vacation after the "blood purge" of June 30, creating a situation which, it is feared, may bring disorders and even a possible revolution in Germany, uneasiness is growing rapidly tonight as to the fate of the German Jews.

The aged President is ill at his home at Neudeck, East Prussia. Professor Kaufman, noted German Jewish medical authority, is one of three famous German physicians who were hurriedly summoned from Berlin to attend President von Hindenburg. According to reports reaching here the medical men do not expect the survival of the eighty - six - year - old German leader.

At the same time Victor Lutze, new chief of staff of the brown shirt army, who replaced Captain Roehm, executed by Hitler's order, issued the command for the assembling of the storm troop detachments.

The death of President von Hindenburg may be the turning point, for the worse, in the position of the German Jews who have been persecuted ever since the Hitler regime came into power.

Seizure of von Hindenburg's office by Hitler is regarded here as almost a foregone conclusion following the receipt of word from Berlin that, according to the Propaganda Ministry, the succession "has been taken care of."

President von Hindenburg, it is.

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