Winston Churchill was the inspiration for Margaret Thatcher's domination of the world stage

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The Telegraphpublished 15/04/2013 at 17:15 by Con Coughlin

I was intrigued to read in Robin Harris's highly informative memoir of Margaret Thatcher, "Not For Turning", that our former prime minister often carried the speeches of Winston Churchill in her infamous handbag.

Sir Winston Churchill
As I wrote in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph, Mrs Thatcher's uncompromising approach to dealing with the world's dictators, from Argentina's General Galtieri to Iraq's Saddam Hussein, derived from her deep admiration of Churchill, and his unflinching determination to achieve total victory over Nazi Germany. As with Churchill, defeat was not a word that registered in her vocabulary.

What a shame today's political leaders do not have the same resolve when dealing with rogue states and terrorists.

P.S. – The National Army Museum in Chelsea have asked me to point out that there are still a few tickets available for my talk tomorrow evening, April 16, on my new book, Churchill's First War: Young Winston and the Fight against the Taliban. Contact: 0207 881 6600

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