Meyer Werner

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Werner Meyer (18 September 1919 in Pasewalk – 17 August 1996 in Kirchbarkau near Kiel) was a highly decorated German Waffen-SS Captain. 

He was one of 98 soldiers to have been awarded both the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and Close Combat Clasp in Gold.


  • Wound Badge in Gold
  • Infantry Assault Badge in Silver
  • Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Class
  • German Cross in Gold (21 November 1943)
  • Close Combat Clasp in Gold, Bronze (1 August 1943), Silver (30 January 1944), Gold (12 April 1945)
  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 4 May 1944 as SS-Obersturmführer and leader of the 1./SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9 "Germania" (According to Scherzer as leader of the 1./SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9)

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