Burgess Edward

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General Sir Edward Arthur Burgess (30 September 1927 – 8 May 2015) was a British Army General who served as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

Burgess EdwardBurgess Edward

Educated at Bloxham School, Edward Burgess was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1948. In 1964-66 he was Second-in Command of 40th Light Regiment, Royal Artillery, serving with the regiment in Borneo. He rose to become Director of Combat Development in the Ministry of Defence in 1977 before going on to be General Officer Commanding The Artillery Division in 1979. He then became Commander UK Field Army in 1982 and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe in 1984. He retired in 1987. He was Colonel Commandant of the Royal Artillery from 1982 to 1992. He was also an ADC General to the Queen. In retirement he has become President of the Royal British Legion.

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