The Capture and Murder of Der Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler

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Nazi Germany formally surrendered on May 9th 1945. Post war one major participant was missing and that was the monster Heinrich Himmler...killer of an estimated 8 to 9 million innocent European citizens. He and nearly a dozen of his gang went missing for almost two weeks after the end of the war. The United States, England, France and the Soviet Union wanted him. The millions who died in his concentration camps cried out for justice. Find him. Arrest him. Bring him to Nuremberg for his crimes against humanity...and let him hang in the gallows with those other Nazi criminals! The story presented here is true. A member of the CIC, under the direction of Allan Dulles sent men throughout Germany to hunt him down and arrest him. The names of these operatives are unknown, so we've made up the name of one individual that is typical of the CIC hunters like those out to arrest Himmler. We'll call this typical CIC hunter U.S. Army Bird Colonel Calvin Metz. Like other CIC hunters, he virtually had a license to kill and he feared no one because his boss was none other than five-star General, Dwight D. Eisenhower! So, Colonel Metz had a free pass to go throughout the former Nazi Germany regardless of what ally controlled the zone.

Metz and his small detail drove throughout the former Nazi Germany searching and searching and pissing off the British who believed that no Americans were allowed in their zone of occupation. An American hunter was completely unwelcome but Metz was on a mission authorized by General Eisenhower and not even the British dared to deny him passage. Unfortunately, the British stumbled upon Himmler and his gang...just mere hours before Metz. Himmler was arrested one morning in Northwest Germany, near Hamburg. The next day he was cyanide poisoning. The British claimed that he had hidden a capsule in his teeth. Nonsense! The capsule had to have been shoved down his throat! British details of this act have been classified for 100 years, until 2045. And so, Himmler was never brought to trial and this was a crime in itself, to all those millions of murdered Jews and Europeans that deserved justice. This is the story of why we believe the British summarily executed Heinrich Himmler the day after her was arrested and the cover-up which continues today.

The Capture and Murder of Der Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler by David Olaf Myhra
The Capture and Murder of Der Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler by David Olaf Myhra

The Capture and Murder of Der Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler by David Olaf Myhra

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  • Title : The Capture and Murder of Der Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler
  • BN ID: 2940013592797
  • Author : David Olaf Myhra
  • Publisher: RCW Technology, Inc.
  • Publication date: 11/11/2011

Meet the Author

Dr. David Olaf Myhra, PhD, author and historian, was born and raised in southeastern North Dakota. When Dr. Myhra was just ten years old he met and talked at length with a former high official of the Nazi German Air Ministry (RLM). The official was spending the summer with relatives on a eastern North Dakota farm where his father was constructing a dairy barn. This chance meeting started him on a sixty year mission to learn more about proposed RLM jet powered fighters and bombers. It was also the start of Dr. Myhra's collection of research documents, drawings and photos of German aircrafts and their designers, he currently has approximately 40,000 photos, images and drawings of german aircraft, which is perhaps the largest private collection in the world. He also has several thousand color computer-generated digital images of German warplanes, proposed variations, proposed aircraft, and AVI files.

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