The Memoirs of Ernst Rohm

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The Memoirs of Ernst RohmOnce described as 'the man who invented Hitler', Ernst Röhm was one of the key figures of the fledgling Nazi Party. Commander of the notorious 'Stormtroopers', the fanatical brown-shirted mobsters who assisted Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s; and once a close ally of Hitler, Röhm was later brutally killed by the SS during the Night of the Long Knives.

In the aftermath of his murder, Röhm's private archive was destroyed; and aside from a few scattered personal papers, all that remained was this autobiography, translated now for the first time in English. These memoirs are a valuable historical source, providing important insights into the ruthless power struggles and emerging ideologies within the early Nazi leadership; and offering a candid - and at times chilling - glimpse into the life and views of this central, though largely ignored, figure.

ISBN-13 : 9781848325999
Publisher : Pen & Sword Books Limited
Publication date : 19/11/2011
Author : Gareth Glover

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