Cavalry Divisions of the Waffen-SS

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Cavalry Divisions of the Waffen-SSThis new book is a concise combat history of the three Waffen-SS cavalry divisions in World War II. The 8th SS-Cavalry Division "Florian Geyer" was established out of the SS-Cavalry Brigade under Hitler's future brother-in-law Hermann Fegelein. The 22nd SS-Freiwilligen Cavalry Division "Maria Theresia" was formed out of ethnic Germans from Hungary.

The 37th SS-Freiwilligen Cavalry Division "Lützow" was built out of the first two cavalry divisions along with new volunteers from Hungary including ethnic Germans and Hungarians. The formation and combat histories of each are discussed in detailed text, along with maps and rare photographs.

ISBN-13 : 9780764336614
Publisher : Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date : 28/10/2010
Author : Rolf Michaelis

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