Sunila Juho

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Sunila Juho Johan (Juho) Emil Sunila (August 16, 1875 in Liminka – October 2, 1936 in Helsinki) was a Finnish politician from the Agrarian League, the managing director of the agrarian finance board, and Prime Minister of Finland in two cabinets. After Santeri Alkio had withdrawn from the Parliament of Finland in 1922, Sunila became, in addition to Kyösti Kallio, the second of the Agrarian Party's strong members in the 1920s.

Supported by the agrarian-background governor of the province of Viipuri and the President of Finland Lauri Kristian Relander, he supported productive agrariarism, where the attention of politics was concentrated mainly on making agrariarism more effective instead of widespread improvement of the countryside.

Sunila's first cabinet lasted from December 1927 to December 1928 and his second cabinet lasted from March 1931 to December 1932. Before this, Sunila had served as Minister of Agriculture in two of Kyösti Kallio's cabinets and Antti Tulenheimo's cabinet.

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