Alpers Friedrich

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Friedrich Ludwig Herbert Alpers (25 March 1901 – 3 September 1944) was a German Nazi politician, and SS leader. He was also a Minister of the Free State of Brunswick, and Minister for Forestry. Friedrich was responsible for numerous war crimes in Brunswick. Alpers committed suicide in 1944, while in US captivity.

Alpers FriedrichAlpers Friedrich

Friedrich Alpers, (also known as "Fritz") was born on March 25, 1901 in Sonnenberg, Duchy of Brunswick. He was educated at Martino Katharineum High School in Brunswick, graduating in May 1919. He then studied law and political science at the Universities of Heidelberg, Munich and Greifswald. In 1923, he worked as a law clerk, and became a lawyer in 1929. He worked as a lawyer in Brunswick until 1933.

In June 1929, Alpers joined the NSDAP. In May 1930 he joined the SA. In March 1931 he joined the SS. Friedrich was an active member in the SS, rising to the rank of Obergruppenführer. Since October 1930, Friedrich was Minister of the Brunswick State Parliament. Alpers was twice temporarily suspended from the SS in 1933 following complaints of excessive violence made against him during the Nazi takeover of Brunswick.


  • Iron Cross First and Second Class
  • Front Flying Clasp of the Luftwaffe
  • German Cross in Gold on 9 April 1942 as Hauptmann in the 3.(F)/Aufklärungs-Gruppe 121
  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 14 October 1942 as Major and commander of Fernaufklärungs-Gruppe 4
  • Service Award of the NSDAP in Bronze and Silver
  • SS Long Service Award
  • Sword of honor RFSS
  • SS Totenkopf ring
  • Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP

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