Barroso Maria

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Maria de Jesus Simões Barroso Soares, GCL (born Fuseta, Olhão 2 May 1925 - São Domingos de Benfica, Lisbon, 7 July 2015) was a Portuguese politician, former actress, daughter of Alfredo José Barroso (b. Portimão, Alvor) and wife Maria da Encarnação Simões.

Barroso Maria Barroso Maria

She was the wife of former President Mário Soares, whom she married on 22 February 1949 at the 3rd Conservatory of the Civil Register of Lisbon, while he was in the Aljube prison, with whom she has one son, politician João Soares, born on 29 August 1949, and one daughter, Isabel Barroso Soares, born on 9 January 1951, unmarried and without issue, who manages Colégio Moderno; although not as politically involved as her husband, she was a founding member of the Socialist Party. She was the President of the Aristides Sousa Mendes Foundation and Pro Dignitate Association. She was the head of the Portuguese Red Cross for several years.

She was a member of the National Theater Company and one of the most famous theater and cinema actress in Portugal. Recently she read the poetry of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen a Unesco in homage to Aristides Sousa Mendes. Baritone Jorge Chaminé also performed at this event. As of June 27, 2015, she is under medical care at Red Cross Hospital, in Lisbon, following an accident at her home. According to the family, she fell while at home, being transported to the hospital shortly after. Early exams revealed nothing, but her condition worsened and new exams revealed an extensive intracranial hemorrhage. She slipped into a deep coma and her nephew, the surgeon Eduardo Barroso, has classified the situation as "critical" and "most likely irreversible". In the morning of 7th July 2015 she died in a Lisbon hospital.

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