Hasselquist Jenny

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Jenny Matilda Elisabet Hasselquist, also Hasselqvist (31 July 1894 – 8 June 1978), was a Swedish prima ballerina, film actress and ballet teacher.

Hasselquist Jenny
Hasselquist Jenny
Hasselquist Jenny
Hasselquist Jenny
Hasselquist Jenny
Hasselquist Jenny

Born in Stockholm, Hasselquist attended the Swedish Opera's ballet school from 1906 and performed with the Royal Ballet from 1910. In 1913, Michel Fokine noticed her talents and ensured she obtained solo roles in La Sylphide and Cleopatra. She became a prima ballerina at the Royal Ballet in 1915. In 1920, Hasselquist starred in Rolf de Maré's Ballets suédois in Paris. A talented dancer, she had a flair for the modern idiom.

However she left de Maré after just one season, apparently dissatisfied with her potential there. She went on to play leading roles in many Swedish and some German silent films including Johan (1921), Vem dömer (1922), The Hell Ship (1923), and Aftermath (1927). She also appeared as a guest dancer in many of Europe's leading theatres including the Coliseum in London, the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris and the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. She had her own school in Stockholm, and from the mid-1930s, she taught at the Stockholm Opera's ballet school. She died on 8 June 1978 in Täby, Sweden.


  • 1916: Balettprimadonnan
  • 1920: Sumurun
  • 1921: Johan (Johan)
  • 1922: Wer richtet? / Beatrix (Vem dömer)
  • 1923: Mutter, dein Kind ruft
  • 1924: Gösta Berling (Gösta Berlings Saga)
  • 1925: Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit
  • 1925: Die Perücke
  • 1925: Ingmars Erbe (Ingmarsarvet)
  • 1926: Im Heiligen Land (Till österland)
  • 1926: Brennende Grenze
  • 1927: Das Mädchen ohne Heimat / Vom Freudenhaus in die Ehe
  • 1928: Schuldig
  • 1929: Glücksmelodie / Akkorde der Liebe (Säg det i toner)
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