Frank Jay Gould (1877-1956)

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Gould Frank JayAccording to the American Kennel Club (AKC): "Frank Jay Gould was the son of the financier, Jay Gould. He was born in 1877 and died in France in 1956. Mr. Gould was a playboy (his father died in 1892 and left about 77 million to the 6 children) and became interested in Saint Bernards. He built a kennel in Lyndhurst, an estate in Tarrytown, NY.

This kennel housed some 25 Saint Bernards on the lower floor and had living quarters for the kennel-master on the second floor. Mr. Gould must have lost his infatuation for Saints soon after because an article in the American Kennel Gazette speaks of another kennel named Elmsford Kennels owned by a Mr. Thompson.

"The kennel is near Tarrytown, and part of the estate of Mr. Frank Gould, who has lately turned all his kennel effects over to Mr. Johnson. Mr. Gould retained possession of a few of his dogs, which are also at Elmsford, among the 75 that are at home there. In 1901 Frank Jay Gould, the President of the SBCA presented to the Club a silver punch bowl that is awarded to the Best of Breed at the Club's National Shows"

The Wichita Daily Times, Wichita Falls, Texas, on April 17, 1908 wrote: Frank Jay Gould and his wife who was Helen Margaret Kelly have separated and it is said Mrs. Gould has brought action looking for a legal separation. Jealously on the part of Mr. Gould, due, it is said, to the homage paid Mrs. Gould, who is a beautiful woman, by other men. They have been married six years and have two children.

Parents : Jay Gould (1836-1892) and Helen Day Miller (1838-1889).

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