Luciano's Luck

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Luciano's Luck In the darkest days of World War II, an American Mafioso is the Allies’ only hope to tip the scales of victory. The classic Jack Higgins thriller :  As the Allies struggle to gain a foothold in Italy in 1943, American gangster Charles “Lucky” Luciano is pulled from his prison cell in New York by the U.S. military and handed a top-secret mission. Lucky must go to Sicily to persuade a distrustful Mafia to revolt against the island’s fascist occupiers.

If successful, Lucky’s mission will pave the way for a full-scale invasion of Italy and aid the advancing Allied forces in breaking Hitler’s grip on the nation once and for all. But if he fails, the toll in human blood will be higher than anyone can imagine.

ISBN-13 : 9781453200599
Publisher : Open Road Integrated Media LLC
Publication date : 06/28/2010
Author : Jack Higgins

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal

Dove Audio goes to the head of the pack with this exciting, unabridged rendition of Higgins's (Sheba, Audio Reviews, LJ 2/15/95) story of an Allied plan to release Lucky Luciano from prison. Luciano is slated to join a team that includes the granddaughter of Luciano's Mafia counterpart in Sicily and a crack Special Services operative. Their objective: to persuade the Don to rally the people of Sicily to aid the Allies in their effort to run the Axis forces off the island, paving the way for the Allied invasion of Italy. The action builds to a riveting climax and concomitant bloody conclusion. British actor and former Avenger Patrick Macnee is required to juggle Sicilian, German, American, and Ukrainian accents and does so superbly. Best of all, this unabridged recording is reasonably priced. Recommended for most public libraries.Mark Pumphrey, Polk Cty. P.L., Columbus, N.C.

Meet the Author

Since The Eagle Has Landed—one of the biggest-selling thrillers of all time—every novel Jack Higgins has written has become an international bestseller. He has had simultaneous number-one bestsellers in hardcover and paperback, and many of his books have been made into successful movies, including The Eagle Has Landed, To Catch a King, On Dangerous Ground, Eye of the Storm, and Thunder Point. He has degrees in sociology, social psychology, and economics from the University of London, and a doctorate in media from Leeds Metropolitan University. A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and an expert scuba diver and marksman, Higgins lives in Jersey on the Channel Islands.

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