Torres Lolita

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Lolita Torres (Beatriz Mariana Torres Iriarte)(26 March 1930 – 14 September 2002) was an Argentine film actress and singer (contralto).

Torres Lolita
Torres Lolita
Torres Lolita


She was so popular in the Soviet Union, wheremany newborn girls were named 'Lolita' after her tour there in 1963. In 2002 she was honored as "Ciudadano Ilustre de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires" ("Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires").

Personal life

Torres was married twice. From her first marriage she had a son, from her second marriage she had four children, one of whom, Diego, is a world-famous singer. Her granddaughter, Ángela, became a teen celebrity as singer and actress. 


  • Rhythm, Salt and Pepper (1951)
  • El mucamo de la niña (The girl's servant) (1951)
  • La niña de fuego (The fire girl) (1952)
  • La mejor del colegio (The best girl of college) (1953)
  • The Age of Love (1954)
  • Más pobre que una laucha (Poor as a Church Mouse,"very poor" – spanish proverb)(1955)
  • Un novio para Laura (A bridegroom for Laura) (1955)
  • Amor a primera vista (Love at first sight) (1956)
  • Novia para dos (A bride for two men) (1956)
  • La hermosa mentira (The beautiful lie) (1958)
  • La maestra enamorada (The teacher in love) (1961)
  • Cuarenta años de novios (Forty years of love) (1963)
  • Ritmo nuevo, vieja ola (new rhythm, old wave) (1965)
  • Pimienta (Pepper) (1966)
  • Joven, viuda y estanciera (Young girl, widow and landowner) (1970)
  • Allá en el Norte (Somewhere in the North) (1973)

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