Lileikis Aleksandras

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Aleksandras Lileikis was born on June 10, 1907, in Lithuania. He joined the *34 Saugumas, the Lithuanian plainclothes "security police," in 1927. 

Lileikis Aleksandras

By 1936, Lileikis had risen to the rank of Deputy Chief of the Saugumas for the Marijampole region. In 1939, he transferred to Vilnius to become Deputy Chief of the Provincial Office. In June, 1940, when the Soviet Union invaded Lithuania, Lileikis fled to Berlin, where he stayed for eight months and began the process of obtaining German citizenship. Lileikis returned to Lithuania shortly after the Germans seized control in June, 1941. Most of Lithuania's governing institutions had buckled under the destabilizing impact of the successive Soviet and Nazi occupations. 

The Saugumas, however, was quickly reconstituted by the Nazis to conduct "police work which cannot be performed by the SD's own [German] personnel particularly searches, arrests, and investigations...." See U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Nuremberg International Military Tribunal Exhibit L-180, "Comprehensive Report up to 15 October 1941" of SS General Walter Stahlecker, Tab 1 to Arad affidavit, at 10-11. Within two months of his return to Lithuania, Lileikis was named Chief of the Saugumas for Vilnius province. At the end of the war, Lileikis retreated with the defeated Germans. He lived in Germany until 1955 when he emigrated to the United States.

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