An Uncertain Hour

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An Uncertain HourThis latest book on Klaus Barbie, the Nazi SS chief in wartime Lyon, is by the French-American journalist who covered Barbie's 1987 trial for the New York Times Magazine . Morgan provides a sweeping chronicle of France's defeat in 1940, the Vichy regime, the Resistance, the treatment of Jews in wartime France, and Barbie's own behavior in Lyon. Morgan had access to the secret documents prepared for the Barbie trial.

But he prefers to take a general approach rather than to carefully analyze Barbie's wartime activities. Better coverage of Barbie and the controversies surrounding his trial can be found in Erna Paris's Unhealed Wounds: France and the Klaus Barbie Affair ( LJ 7/86). Morgan's account is filled with anecdotes, some of them from his own family. They make the book readable for general audiences, who followed the trial both in and out of France. - Frank L. Wilson, Purdue Univ., W. Lafayette, Ind.

Author: Ted Morgan
Publisher: Arbor House Pub Co; 1st edition
Date: 01/12/1989
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0877959897
ISBN-13: 978-0877959892

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