Erich von Manstein

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Erich von MansteinErich Von Manstein was one of the most successful German commanders of World War II. An apostle of the German concept of Bewegungskrieg - manoeuvre warfare - he was responsible for the operational plan for the German breakthrough in the Ardennes Forest that led to the rapid defeat of France in 1940.

He led a panzer corps in the drive to Leningrad in 1941 and an army in the Crimea, culminating in the capture of Sevastopol in 1942. As commander of Heeresgruppe Don he oversaw the doomed attempt to rescue the German position at Stalingrad, before inflicting a major reverse on Soviet forces in the third battle of Kharkov in March 1943, probably his finest victory.

This is a military account of Manstein's greatest battles, providing an analytical account of his tactics, decisions and character traits that helped him succeed in battle and made him one of the most respected German commanders.

ISBN-13: 9781846034657
Author : Robert Forczyk
Publisher: Osprey Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 5/25/2010

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Robert Forczyk has a PhD in International Relations and National Security from the University of Maryland and a strong background in European and Asian military history. He retired as a lieutenant-colonel from the US Army Reserves having served 18 years as an armour officer in the US 2nd and 4th infantry divisions and as an intelligence officer in the 29th Infantry Division (Light). Dr Forczyk is currently a consultant in the Washington, DC, area.

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