Krankemann Ernst

Publié le par Roger Cousin

Ernst Krankemann was an infamous Kapo in Auschwitz concentration camp. A German criminal, he was transferred into Auschwitz on August 29, 1940. Although generally disliked amongst the SS, Krankemann had powerful supporters such as Karl Fritzsch, the camp's Lagerführer (camp leader and deputy of camp commandant Rudolf Hoess).

As a Kapo, Krankemann held great power over other inmates of Auschwitz, including the authority to murder. One infamous incident involved Krankemann ordering other inmates to pull a very heavy roller over a collapsed inmate, killing him.

On July 28, 1941, as part of the newly extended adult euthanasia campaign 14f13, Krankemann was chosen along with around 500 other inmates to be taken by train to a converted mental hospital at Sonnenstein near Danzig. These were the first Auschwitz inmates to be gassed, although they were not gassed at Auschwitz itself.

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