Monty's Men

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Monty's MenJohn Buckley offers a radical reappraisal of Great Britain's fighting forces during World War Two, challenging the common belief that the British Army was no match for the forces of Hitler's Germany. Following Britain's military commanders and troops across the battlefields of Europe, from D-Day to VE-Day, from the Normandy beaches to Arnhem and the Rhine, and, ultimately, to the Baltic, Buckley's provocative history demonstrates that the British Army was more than a match for the vaunted Nazi war machine.

This fascinating revisionist history of the campaign to liberate Northern Europe in the war's final years features a large cast of colourful unknowns and grand historical personages alike, including Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery and the prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill. By integrating detailed military history with personal accounts, it evokes the vivid reality of men at war while putting long-held misconceptions finally to rest.

Author : John Buckley
Publisher: Yale University Press
Published : 01/10/2013
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0300134495
ISBN-13: 978-0300134490

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