Pauline Frederick (1883–1938)

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Date of Birth  : 12 August 1883, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Date of Death  : 19 September 1938, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA  (asthma)
Birth Name : Pauline Beatrice Libby
Nickname : Polly
Height  : 5' 4" (1,63 m) 

 Pauline Frederick (1883–1938)  Pauline Frederick (1883–1938)

Pauline Frederick was born Pauline Beatrice Libby in Boston, Massachusetts on August 12, 1883. She was fascinated with show business from an early age and throughout her childhood, she was bred for a career in music. It has been said she had a terrific soprano voice, but Pauline also dabbled a bit in acting. It was her acting ability that would make her famous. She starred in several stage productions with her manager, Benjamin Teal, guiding her every step of the way. Before long, Pauline was making a name for herself up and down the East Coast, especially in the hallowed halls of Broadway. The hard line critics raved of her appearances in productions such as "Samson" and "Joseph and His Brothers". 

Before long, it was recognized that a stage play with Pauline starring in it signified a top quality production. Pauline was at the pinnacle of her career, but with the fledgling film colony, then located in New York, it was only a matter of time before the movie moguls wooed her from the stage and into a film studio. They did. Pauline's first film on the silver screen was THE EMERALD CITY in 1915. She was 32, an age where most newcomers were much younger, but Pauline's reputation preceded her. Her name was a virtual drawing card for the flick and it turned out to be a success. Pauline was out of the gate and running. 

She had two other very successful films that year, BELLA DONNA and LYDIA GILMORE. The next two years saw Pauline in a number of high quality motion pictures. 1918 turned out to be a banner year for Pauline as her star power would shine bright with the critics and public alike in films such as FEDORA, RESURRECTION, and LA TOSCA. The latter film solidified Pauline's star power. In 1920, Pauline played Jacqueline Floriot in MADAME X in probably her greatest performance in her personal history. By now she had arrived in the new film colony of Hollywood, California to make films for Samuel Goldwyn. She quickly adapted to her new home. She began to pare back her film appearances, balancing her film work with continued acting on the stage in New York. But homesickness for her adopted home brought Pauline back to California and more starring roles. 

Because of her stage work and great screen presence, Pauline never had any trouble when movies switched from the silent era to sound. In 1932, Pauline she successfully played in WAYWARD with Nancy Carroll and Richard Arlen. Seven more sound films followed, each greeted with great success. Her final film was made in 1937 in THANK YOU, MR. MOTO. She may have continued to play on the big screen, after all she was only 54 years old. She had asthma which limited her activities somewhat. On September 19, 1938, Pauline died from that condition in Beverly Hills, California. She was just 55 years old.


  • 1937 Le serment de M. Moto Madame Chung
  • 1936 Ramona Señora Moreno
  • 1936 My Marriage Mrs. DeWitt Tyler II
  • 1934 Social Register Mrs. Breene
  • 1932 Self Defense Katy Devoux
  • 1932 Le fantôme de Crestwood Faith Andes
  • 1932 Wayward Mrs. Eleanor Frost
  • 1931 This Modern Age Diane 'Di' Winters
  • 1930 Terra Melophon Magazin Nr. 1 (Short) Die Zofe (Episode "Was Ziehe ich an, Bevor ich mich anziehe")
  • 1929 The Sacred Flame Mrs. Taylor - the Mother
  • 1929 Evidence Myra Stanhope
  • 1928 On Trial Joan Trask
  • 1927 Les noces d'argent Mrs. Hamilton
  • 1927 Mumsie Mumsie
  • 1926 Josselyn's Wife Lillian Josselyn
  • 1926 Devil's Island Jeannette Picto
  • 1926 L'honneur de son fils Adele Fenway
  • 1925 La femme de quarante ans Jane Vale
  • 1924 Trois femmes Mrs. Mable Wilton
  • 1924 Duel de femmes Nellie Wayne
  • 1924 Le coeur a beau mentir Petrina Faneuil
  • 1922 The Glory of Clementina Clementina Wing
  • 1922 Une femme de tête Judith Sanford
  • 1922 The Woman Breed
  • 1921 The Lure of Jade Sara Vincent
  • 1921 The Sting of the Lash Dorothy Keith
  • 1921 Une mère Bernice Ridgeway / Kate Martin
  • 1921 Roads of Destiny Rose Merritt
  • 1921 The Mistress of Shenstone Lady Myra Ingleby
  • 1920 A Slave of Vanity Iris Bellamy
  • 1920 La femme X... Jacqueline Floriot
  • 1920 L'appartement n°13 Laura Bruce
  • 1920 L'affaire Paliser Cassy Cara
  • 1919 Tentations Letty Shell
  • 1919 Le portrait de Mrs Bunning Una Sayre
  • 1919 La victime inconnue Madge Nelson
  • 1919 L'obsession Helen Winthrop
  • 1919 La fugue d'Hélène Sherwood Mrs. Sherwood & Marion Roche
  • 1919 Paid in Full Emma Brooks 
  • 1919 The Woman on the Index Sylvia Martin
  • 1919 Out of the Shadow Ruth Minchin
  • 1918 A Daughter of the Old South Dolores Jardine
  • 1918 Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand (Short) Miss Liberty Loan
  • 1918 Fedora Princess Fedora
  • 1918 Her Final Reckoning Marsa
  • 1918 Resurrection Katusha
  • 1918 La Tosca Floria Tosca
  • 1918 Madame Jealousy Madame Jealousy
  • 1918 Mrs. Dane's Defense Felicia Hindemarsh
  • 1917 The Hungry Heart Courtney Vaughan
  • 1917 Double Crossed Eleanor Stratton
  • 1917 The Love That Lives Molly McGill
  • 1917 Her Better Self Vivian Tyler
  • 1917 Pauvre coeur Zelma Bryce
  • 1917 Sapho Sapho, aka Fanny Lagrand
  • 1917 The Slave Market Ramona
  • 1916 The Slave Island 
  • 1916 Nanette of the Wilds Nanette Gauntier
  • 1916 Ashes of Embers Laura Ward / Agnes Ward
  • 1916 L'Amour et la haine Margaret Rolfe
  • 1916 Un coeur de femme Myra
  • 1916 La coupe et la lie Madge
  • 1916 Audrey Audrey
  • 1916 The Spider Valerie St. Cyr / Joan Marche
  • 1915 Lydia Gilmore Lydia Gilmore
  • 1915 Bella Donna Bella Donna (Ruby Chepstow)
  • 1915 Zaza Zaza
  • 1915 Sold Helen
  • 1915 La ville éternelle 


Walk of Fame

1960 Star on the Walk of Fame On 8 February 1960. At 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 

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