Alvensleben Gustav von

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Gustav von Alvensleben (30 September 1803 – 30 June 1881) was a Prussian General der Infanterie.

Alvensleben Gustav von Alvensleben Gustav von

Gustav von Alvensleben was born in Eichenbarleben, he joined the Prussian Army in 1821. Alvensleben served in the Kaiser Alexander Guard Grenadierregiment No 1. In 1849 Alvensleben became Chief of Staff of the Prussian Corps in the insurrection in Baden and in 1850 Chief of Staff of the VIII Army Corps. Alvensleben became the military governor of the Prussian Rhine Province and Westphalia in 1854 and the personal adjutant of King William I of Prussia in 1861. In this position he signed the Alvensleben Convention with Russia to co-ordinate Russian and Prussian politics throughout the Polish January Uprising.

He served in the Royal headquarter in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and led the peace negotiatons with George V of Hanover. On 30 October 1866 he took over the command of the IV Corps. In 1868 Alvensleben was promoted to General der Infanterie and commanded the IV Corps in the Battles of Beaumont and Sedan in the Franco-Prussian War. He retired on 10 October 1872 and died on 30 June 1881 in Gernrode.

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