Eberding Knut

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German military date of birth December 18th, 1895 (Reppline/Schlesien, Germany), Date of death June 28th, 1978 (Erlangen/Bavaria, Germany).

Eberding Knut

Knut Eberding was born December 18th 1893 in Reppline. In the First World War he was at first a platoon commander and he later became a company commander at the Western and at the Russian front. After the German surrender he stayed in the Army and was promoted to battalion commander of the 11th Infantry-Regiment on November 10th 1938. On October 18th 1941 Eberding became the commander of the 53rd Infantry-Regiment and he stayed this until he was put in the Führer-Reserve on January 21st 1943. 

From August 25th 1943 onwards he was the commander of the 38th Infantry-Division, who fought on the Eastern Front in the Donetz and Dnjepr area. This division suffered heavy losses in October in that same area and was eventually disbanded, Eberding was in the same time promoted to Generalmajor.

On November 15th 1943 he was put back in the Führer-Reserve, until he was given the command of the 64th Infantry-Division on July 5th 1944. The 64th Infantry-Division was assigned to defend the southern Scheldt Pocket. Generalmajor Knut Eberding was captured by the Canadians on November 1st 1944 in the Belgium place Knocke and was placed in the POW Camp Clinton in Mississippi. (U.S.A.) Eberding was released on June 17th 1947 and he died on April 3rd 1978 in Erlangen. 


  • 18-10-1915 Leutnant
  • 01-04-1925 Oberleutnant
  • 01-10-1932 Hauptmann
  • 01-08-1938 Major
  • 01-12-1939 Oberstleutnant
  • 01-10-1941 Oberst
  • 01-09-1943 Generalmajor


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