Romero Carlos Humberto

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General Carlos Humberto Romero Mena (born February 29, 1924) is a former President of El Salvador, elected on February 20, 1977 in a supposedly fraudulent election and inaugurated on July 1, 1977.

Romero Carlos Humberto Romero Carlos Humberto

Romero was born Carlos Humberto Romero Mena in Chalatenango, El Salvador on February 29, 1924. Romero held power until October 1979 when he was deposed with a reformist coup d'état by dissident, politically leftist and moderate military officers and civilians. The coup d'état that deposed President-General Humberto Romero was preamble to El Salvador's twelve-year civil war. Romero was a member of the National Conciliation Party, and also served as Defense Minister from 1972 to 1973.

Romero's time in office was largely characterized by escalating violence and instability. In the late 1970s, political unrest increased, because of El Salvador's severe socio-economic inequalities unaddressed by his government and widespread discontent with government policy culminated in widespread protest and rebellion, which was met with reprisal by government forces. President Romero increased government education spending - but this won him no popularity with the left.

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