Hope George

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Admiral Sir George Price Webley Hope, (11 October 1869 – 11 July 1959) was a Royal Navy officer who went on to become Deputy First Sea Lord during World War I

Hope George

Hope joined the Royal Navy. He was promoted to commander on 30 June 1900. In July 1902 he was appointed in command of the light cruise HMS Pioneer, which served in the Mediterranean Fleet. Promoted to Captain in 1905, Hope served in the First World War. He was appointed Flag Captain to the Commander-in-Chief of the East Mediterranean Squadron, as well as Aide-de-Camp to the King, in 1915; Director of the Operations Division at the Admiralty in 1916; and Deputy First Sea Lord in 1918. He was present at the signing of the Armistice with Germany on 11 November 1918. After the War, he was promoted to vice-admiral on 26 November 1920, and became Commander of the 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron. From 1923 he was President of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. In 1899, he married Arabella Phillippa Sams.

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