Adeleye Courtney

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Courtney Adeleye is the CEO and founder of Mane Choice, a hair care products company. She started with her own $500 investment and the company, as of 2018, has $50 million in sales.

Adeleye Courtney
Adeleye Courtney
Adeleye Courtney

Background and career

Adeleye was raised in Detroit, Michigan. While she was studying nursing at the University of Michigan she started to experiment with hair care products for herself. She started a YouTube channel that soon grew to have 100,000 members. Her products are now found in over 20,000 retail stores and include more than 90 hair treatments and vitamins. She was featured in Entrepreneur magazine and on other outlets as a self-made entrepreneur to watch. The Mane Choice was acquired by MAV Beauty Brands in 2019.


She started the program called Pay My Bill where she pays off a bill for one of her Instagram brand followers each month. She has paid off more than 150 bills to date. She also helped during Hurricane Harvey in Texas by putting people up in hotels. In August 2018 she received press from many outlets for gifting her daughter’s teacher with a new car.


Adeleye's awards include the 2017 Stevie Silver Winner for Women in Business, 2017 CurlBOX Award, and the Fall 2017 Beauty O-Ward by O Magazine.

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