Anacker Heinrich

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Heinrich Anacker (born 29 January 1901 in Buchs, Aargau — died 14 January 1971 in Wasserburg am Bodensee) was a German author. Anacker entered National Socialist circles in Vienna in 1922, joined the SA, and after 1933 lived in Berlin as a freelance writer.

Anacker HeinrichAnacker Heinrich

He wrote a spate of SA and Hitler Youth songs and was considered the "lyricist of the Brown Front"; he won the 1934 Dietrich Eckart Prize and the 1936 NSDAP Prize for Art. Nonetheless, after the war he was classified as only minimally incriminated. His poetry collections include Die Trommel (The Drum; 1931), Der Aufbau (Uplift; 1936), and Glück auf, es geht gen Morgen (Hurrah, It Will Soon Be Morning; 1943).

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