Gomerski Hubert

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Gomerski HubertGomerski Hubert SS-Unterscharführer (11/11/1911 - ?/?/?). Background : Born in Schweinheim (near Aschaffenburg). Lathe operator. Served at the Hadamar euthanasia killing centre. Service at Sobibor : Came to Sobibor end of April 1942 together with the first group of T4-men and stayed there until a few days before the revolt, which he missed due to being on leave.

After he initially was in charge of a group of Ukrainians, he together with Bolender and Valasta supervised Camp III. During incoming transports on the ramp he selected the sick and invalids and took them to the place of execution. He made a point of it to place a bottle on the head of an inmate and shot him with a carbine in the head instead. He was regarded next to Wagner and Frenzel as very dangerous. He was also very stupid, however due to his performance in Sobibor he was promoted Christmas 1942 to SS-Unterscharführer.

Fate : Shortly before his arrest on 23 August 1949 he attested before the Landgericht Frankfurt/Main, after survivor Klier was able to turn him in, "I can only declare that to me a place with this name (Sobibor), is unknown to me". Sentenced to life imprisonment on 25 August 1950 on account of the murder of an undisclosed number of people. Appeal and second trial in 1972. Released because of bad health. Witnessed in the Frenzel trial 1983, apparently in good health.

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Né en 1907 date de sa mort inconnu, SS-Oberscharführer, Gomerski travaille à Sobibor. Condamné en 1948 à la prison à vie, il est relâché en 1972 pour raisons de santé. Il est condamné à nouveau en 1974 à 15 ans de prison.

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